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Refund Policy:

I. Any refund request through the sales tool (MercadoPago, PagSeguro and PayPal) with claim opening will be refunded within the maximum time allowed by the tool.
1. MercadoPago: 7 to 21 business days.
2. PayPal and PayPal: 3-14 business days.

II. Any refund request made directly to our team will be made within 24 hours of the order provided it meets the requirements below:
1. Within 14 days of purchase for our satisfaction guarantee, without the need for a larger reason. In this case, it is sufficient that within 14 days from the PURCHASE TIME and not after FIRST USE, the customer will contact you requesting a refund, for whatever reason the team will promptly proceed with the refund process;
2. If the program stops working properly and the team is unable to perform the repair due to the correct functioning of the program;

III. For any other case that is not provided for in the refund policy, it should be dealt with directly between the customer and our team, always respecting the deadlines set out above.

Do not open a complaint with the payment tools. This generates unnecessary problems between customer / staff / sales tool. Request your support and reimbursement later if you wish. The Autobuyer N.N team thanks you for your understanding and cooperation!

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